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Avant Novis role playing system gives players, narrators the tools to create unique characters, game elements, and game settings. Players create unique characters to participate in custom made settings that are only limited by the imagination.


We have a passion for map making and cartography. Here are some of our maps we made on our live stream. Check out our videos on our youtube channel and on facebook. We stream most weeks live on these channels.



Want to use our maps for your personal home campaign?

Support Avant Novis by buying one of our maps. Check them out here.


Adventure Maps

Enhance your campaign with this incredibly detailed map. 11 inches wide x 8.5 inches for easy printing, with a DPI of 450. A staggering resolution of 4,950 x 3,600

5 different styles in each map pack

  • 1. Blank map

  • 2. Stylized map

  • 3. Map with a square grid overlay.

  • 4. Map with a hexagonal grid overlay.

  • 5. Old Parchment map

  • 1 electronic Atlas with all styles.Our maps are four personal home use.



Forgotten Island web.jpg

Adventure Map: Forgotten Island

Only crumbling scrolls hint of this Island's location. Thought to have been lost to time, this stark land offers a site for mysterious discoveries and long-hidden secrets.

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Adventure Map: Ancient Island

A temperate island that can be use of the cost of any campaign setting. What populate this island with whatever ancient secrets you can think of.

Coming soon

Large Island old time web.jpg

Adventure map: Large Island

From a warm climate in the north to a cold climate to the south, this map in a southern hemisphere is a great place a campaign setting or an adventure.

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Campaign Maps

Each campaign map is standard poster size, 36" x 24" inches, with a DPI of 450, that is an image resolution of 16,200 x 10,800.

Each Map has 4 different styles. Each Map comes with a Atlas containing all of our maps in an easy to use pdf format for Phones, Tables, 8.5" x 11" standard size, in full and also divided in to easy to print sections. The Format will be a PDF, so you can scale to any size, big or small. These maps will be for personal use


It is a land ravished by celestial forces. Falling stars have created a world of lakes interlocked by narrow stretches of land. Build your campaign, world, or scenario with a meticulously detailed campaign map. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/256958/Campaign-Map-Cratered-Seas?manufacturers_id=13820


Empires framed in desert sands, like jewels on sapphire blue rivers. Preserve a legacy, or build a new. Let your Players explore on this exquisite land of sand, stone, and history. Stride through the sands of time and legends.



The greatest civilizations call the Island Continent home. Varied climate, detailed geography will help world builders create the perfect epic. 3400 miles wide, 2400 high, see every hill, mountain and tree.



Past Calamities have flooded this land. Ages ago the ocean tried to reclaim this land. Separated by churning waters, each individual island has developed its own unique aspects. This map is perfect for a story of exploration and discovery.


Venus, Dawn’s Light, the evening Star.

Conquer the past or the far future on our sister planet. The most detailed map we have ever created awaits your players.


island continet example.jpg

Each Map has 4 different Styles.

Venus for the web.jpg

36” x 24” inches with a Dpi of 450.

A Resolution of

16,200 x 10,800

Sacramentim eternium master no city.jpg

We specialize in very detailed maps. See every river, hill, and mountain.

Atlus Example.jpg

Each map set comes with an Atlas that is divided up into 18 pages with numbered markers. All Atlas' are compatible with electronic devices and ready print.


Q. Where can we get these maps?

A. These maps are available at  www.drivethrurpg.com

Q. Where can I get a physical copy?

A. You can order a physical map at  www.drivethrurpg.com

Q. How much.

A. 5.00$ USD for each map pack.

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